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helpful websites


Tonal Energy  This is the best app for tuning!  You have a metronome, tuner, recording device and so much more! Check this one out at your app store!


Fingerings  This has every instruments fingerings, alternate fingerings and trill fingerings!  It is an amazing app!  Check it out at your app store.


NinGenius Music Game  This is an amazing game that students can use to practice fingerings and note names!  


Sight Reading Factory  This is a good website for those students trying out for honor band and need some extra sight reading practice.  It has a free trial, but does cost money.


These are just a few apps or websites that can help your student!  I will be adding more throughout the year.


Practice times

6th grade: 15 minutes 

7th Grade: 30-45 minutes

8th grade: 45 minutes to 1 hour


Each student needs to practice 7 days a week.  If you can't practice a day then you need to split up the time for that day so that you still get the practice time in.


Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect!  Make sure you are practicing correctly.

*** Set a timer for your practice time so you know you practiced for the correct amount of time***

  • Warm up: Long tones/buzzing
  • Scales: play scales at a slow pace, change up the rhythms (play in whole or half notes)
  • Music: Make a list of what you need to work on, then only work on what you can't play first.
    • Break down what you can't play: count it, count and finger it, count and say the note names, play it.
    • Always check with the key signature and fingering chart.
    • After you have worked on what you can't play, try the whole piece and see if you improved.


Haughton Middle School Band

Haughton Middle School Band

Order a Band Shirt

Parent Shirt


You will order and pay for the shirt on the website.  The shirts will be delivered to the school and I will pass them out to your students to bring home to you. 



Here are the practice records that we use for each grade level.  I give them out in classes but if you need an extra copy you can print it out here.  


These records need to be initialed each day and once a week the students have to perform for an adult and you leave a comment in the comments section. 


Here are paper copies of the calendars.